Impromptu Photo Shoot
Impromptu Photo Shoot
Mommy thought I was so cute that I needed to be photographed!
Kicking Daddy
This is fun!
Punching myself
I didn’t like that!
Hanging out.
Munching on that hand!
It’s my new favorite pastime
Being cuddled by Greatie!
My cool chair that Uncle Stevie got me.
Look Ma, no hands!
I slump a little in it.
Ooooh toys!
How can I get that in my mouth?
Sitting up is fun.  
I could get used to this!
All I need is some Boob Juice and I’d be all set!
faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive
and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
Who you lookin’ at?
You lookin’ at me?
Look at that bicep!
Lifting my head!
I look like a Cupie Doll
Hiney! I look like a frog!
I might smile..
There’s my smile!
Is that a hand?!?!
Mommy loves me!